Digital Listings Management

Optimize your search results to show accurate, up-to-date information to better capture up to 50% more sales from new and returning customers.  


A complete digital presence is the key to increasing business. My services ensure customers can easily find your local business no matter where they are searching.


DID YOU KNOW: On average, companies that invest in Digital Listings Management receive 49% more search engine views after 12 months!

Listings Scan & Update

Scan business listings on 80+ sites like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yelp, Facebook, etc. Update all listings with accurate company data.

Content Optimization

Optimize keywords and details about products & services across listings for increased search results.

Duplicate Suppression

Suppress duplicate listings across publisher network for a clear customer journey.

Monthly Support & Insights

Ongoing monthly support for updates like holiday hours, new product offerings, featured messages, etc. Monthly reporting with key insights on search performance.

Reputation Management

Reviews are proven to be the most trusted marketing source for gaining new customers. My Reputation Management services improve your organic SEO and ranking on Google to directly increase clicks to your website.

Put your positive reviews at the forefront when customers are searching to grow your business. Additionally, my services help to generate more reviews quickly.


DID YOU KNOW:  According to Google, mobile searches including "best" have increased 80% over the last two years. For a business to show in Google's "best" results, it must have a rating over 4 stars. 


Optimize Review Sites

Set up or optimize business details on key review sites like Google, Facebook, Yelp & TripAdvisor.

First-Party Reviews

Implement first-party reviews on your company's website, increasing organic SEO.

Review Management

Reply to all reviews with company-approved replies and proven best practices to drive brand loyalty.

Monthly Support & Insights

Flag inappropriate or malicious reviews with third-party sites directly. Monthly report with sentiment analysis and key insights.

Digital Communications

Looking for additional support? Ulm Consulting can help with a range of services, from channel strategies to full-service execution. 

Digital Advertising

ROI-focused Google, Facebook & Instagram ad management.

Website Management

Optimize your website with SEO-driven copy, update visual assets, build custom Google Analytics reporting.

Email Marketing

Develop email marketing acquisition strategies, execute email campaigns, manage A/B testing.


SEO-optimized blogs complete with keyword strategy, headline research and custom graphics.